Planning for Perfection: How Far in Advance Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring?

So, you’ve found your person, fallen in love, envisioned the perfect future and now it’s time to make it official: you’ve gotta pop the question! This huge and sometimes nerve-racking decision is just the first of many as you journey to that knee dropping and jaw dropping moment that ends with an enthusiast “YES!” However, planning a memorable proposal is like staging a whole production: When? Where? How? What’s my angle? Should I try an accent? I’m not going to be in the chorus again or I QUIT!

Sorry. We got carried away with the production analogy…

But before you fall down the rabbit hole of deciding whether to propose in a hot air balloon at sunset or while eating lasagna take out over the sink (Swoon! So romantic!), you need to cast the star of the show: the engagement ring.

When Should You Buy an Engagement Ring?

The general consensus that you’ll find when consulting the glorious land of Google is that you should purchase an engagement ring 3 months before you plan to pop the question. It makes sense: there are plenty of to-do list items that need to be crossed off before you’re down on one knee! The 3-month timeline gives you a solid runway for thinking up romantic proposal ideas, plus coordinating any travel or reservations you may need to pull it off.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you navigate the blissful fog of proposal planning:

Finding “The One”

The ring you choose is the physical embodiment of your partner’s personal style, their distinctive charms, and the unspeakable bond you both have that you cherish so deeply and will carry on into eternity. No pressure, right? Finding the perfect engagement ring is no small task, so give yourself time to shop around.

It’s typical to browse 2-4 retailers before making a final selection, but if you’re looking for truly unique engagement rings, you may find yourself scouring dozens of boutiques. Pro tip: skip all the guesswork and undercover spy research you’ve gotta do to pull off a surprise engagement ring. While we get wanting to live your private investigator fantasy, roughly two thirds of couples choose the ring together these days. Enlist the help of your future spouse to really speed up the shopping process, and ensure you’re getting an engagement ring that matches their personality.

And if you’re among the one third of shoppers who insist on a surprise proposal, take advantage of the in-house experts at Rosie Ray! You know your partner better than anybody else, and we know these rings like the back of our hands. We would love to hear you gush about your spouse-to-be so we can connect you to the ideal engagement ring.

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You Can’t Rush Perfection… or the Postal Service.

More and more soon-to-be-betrothed (<---so fancy!) are shopping online for engagement rings. This brings shipping times into the equation. Even in-store selections may need some time to arrive too if you’re ordering a ring size that’s not in stock, or you’re counting on customizations.

Rosie Ray engagement rings, for example, are handcrafted to order, so you can expect to wait 3-4 weeks before you have your ring in hand. Don’t freak out, though; if you’ve landed here because you’re worried that you’re too late for a Proposal Season engagement, our selection of engagement rings make their way to you fast with free 2-day shipping, once completed. What’s more romantic than an impulsive, impromptu proposal, anyway?

Expect the Unexpected.

You know what they say about the best laid plans: they are best when laid. Is that what they say? Anyway, our point is it may take you a few weeks to find the perfect ring, then a few more weeks to get it shipped, and then it’s a good idea to build in an extra month or so of wiggle room. Perhaps you want to resize the ring, or decide to get it engraved, or just stare at it longingly while you plan the ultimate proposal. So, shop smart. Choose a brand with quick 2-day shipping like Rosie Ray, for example, to guarantee some cushion in your timeline.

Who knows? The perfect moment to propose may sneak up on you a bit early, and you’ll be glad that ring is burning a hole in your pocket!

…because our rings are made of fire. Did we forget to mention that?

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