Cushion Cut Vs. Round Diamond Engagement Rings: Which is Right for You?

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Determining your style and taste in women's wedding rings is exciting. From the setting to the metal to the gemstone itself, there’s much to get excited about. One major consideration is the diamond shape and cut. There are several unique diamonds shapes out there, from pear to marquise, but how do you choose between two seemingly similar shapes like the cushion cut and round cut? When both give off softly rounded edges, but which should you claim as yours?

Style, budget and how the center stone looks in the setting all play a role in your final decision. So what can you expect out of these two diamond shapes? Glad you asked! Let’s explore the key differences between a cushion cut vs. round cut diamond or gemstone. 

Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: What You Can Expect

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Before we dive into what you can expect for each type of diamond shape, let’s talk about what the shapes look like. 

The Cushion Cut: Also called an “old mine” cut, the cushion cut diamond is a timeless cut dating far back. The cushion cut is considered a fancy-cut diamond, like a pear, marquise or oval-shaped diamond. However, don’t confuse the cushion cut with other square-shaped fancy diamonds like the princess cut, which has a more defined square shape with sharper corners. Instead, the cushion cut has softer edges and rounded corners – kind of like a pillow!

The Round Cut: Round cut diamonds are exactly that – round. Like the cushion cut, they have 58 facets, but because of the perfectly round nature, the facets give off more brilliance. This is why round cut diamonds are often referred to as “brilliant cut” diamonds. While they haven’t been around as long as the cushion cut, they have become a classic, desirable look.  

Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: Brilliance

Even though both cuts typically have 58 facets, a round cut diamond gives off a greater brilliance. Hence the name “brilliant cut” diamond. A round cut diamond gives off more sparkle because its 58 facets are cut in a pattern that creates more scintillation. What the cushion cut does have is “fire,” giving off a star-like pattern inside its facets. Some women prefer this more original crushed ice look over the brilliant round diamond’s scintillation.  

Technically speaking, the round cut diamond will always offer more brilliance. However, it doesn’t mean that a cushion cut diamond isn’t just as beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. If you like a broader brilliance effect of the cushion cut with its larger table surface and facets, then you do you! It’s entirely up to preference, but we always recommend seeing the diamond for yourself to decide if the sparkle and brilliance meet your expectations. 

Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: Carat and Size

If you were to compare a similar carat cushion cut and round cut diamond, at first glance, you might think the cushion cut appears more substantial in size. This is because the cushion cut typically features larger facets – more notably on the top. So often the diamond weight is spread out more and creates the illusion of a bigger stone. However, the round cut’s brilliance can overtake this illusion, counterbalancing them into appearing the same size. 

So which is better? That depends on what you prefer. But if you want a large-looking stone, with a more unique, with an almost antique quality, we suggest choosing a cushion. Alternatively, adding a halo setting to a round stone will provide the illusion of a larger diamond. In fact, a halo setting can give the illusion of a larger stone and offer a protective buffer to a diamond’s edges. The beautiful part about a halo with any center stone is that you can get more bang for your buck in choosing a smaller center stone size since the halo will boost the size of the complete look.

Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: Affordability

A fancy cut diamond – like a cushion cut – is also more affordable. Therefore, unlike a perfectly round cut diamond that requires expert precision, a fancy cushion cut diamond is less wasteful. Combine this with the fact that brilliant round cut diamonds are more popular, and the choice is clear: cushion cuts are the more budget-friendly option. Plus, they’re a bit more unique! 

So, Cushion Cut vs. Round: Which is Right for You?

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Now that you understand the difference between a cushion cut and a round cut diamond, which do you prefer? Is it the timeless fancy-cut cushion with its spectacular fire and softened square shape? Or do you lean toward a classic like the round cut with its dazzling and scintillating brilliance? Whatever your preference, you’ll find a unique, beautiful engagement ring at Rosie Ray’s. Explore our entire collection to find the perfect engagement ring!   

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