Alternative Wedding Bands

Maybe you wear black nail polish - not just on Halloween. Maybe you’re a weekend hunter or a hobby archeologist. Here find rings dedicated to the women who pioneered yesterday to make it so we can be whoever we want to be today…

The Cleo

Black Zirconium / Whiskey Barrel Wood

The Bly

14K Rose Gold / Genuine Deer Antler

The Richards

14K Rose Gold / Dinosaur Bone

The Ellisor

14K Yellow Gold / Dinosaur Bone

The Ripple

Cobalt Chrome / Genuine Turquoise

The Robinson

Black Zirconium / Aqua Diamonds

The Caccini

10K Yellow Gold / Genuine Turquoise

The Tereshkova

14k Rose Gold / Genuine Turquoise

The Anning

14K Rose Gold / Dinosaur Bone

The Winfrey

Black Zirconium / 14K Rose Gold

The Earle

14K White Gold / Lapis

The Kildare

14K White Gold / Genuine Malachite