Diamond Shape Meaning: A Guide to Choosing the Right Cut

Your diamond ring is forever, which means you’ll want to pick a diamond engagement ring that you’ll love for the rest of your lives. After all, does the difference between a classic round, brilliant cut diamond and a trendy marquise diamond really matter? It’s about more than just the look of the diamond, and you’ll learn why. If you’re not sure which women’s wedding rings would work best for you or your partner, keep reading to find out more about how to choose the right cut.

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Diamond Basics

When discussing diamond quality, it’s important to know the basics. Before you know what cut is right for you, you’ll need to know what kind of diamond you’re looking for in the first place. According to the Gemological Institute of America, that’s why we have the universal standard of the 4Cs of Diamond Quality: carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and cut grade. The weight of a diamond is how many carats it is, like 1 or 2 carats. The color of a diamond can range from yellowish to a clear and nearly spotless white. A diamond’s clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes. You came here to learn about the best diamond cut for you. That’s the fourth category of the 4Cs. Let’s learn about some of the most popular diamond shapes.

Popular Diamond Shapes 

While this list doesn’t consider all of the different diamond cuts that are out there, it shows some of the more popular and prevalent styles you’ll see on the market. Let’s see which ones might be right for you.

  • You Want Romance and Structure — Opt for a cushion cut diamond that looks like a pillow. It’s one of the most popular fancy-shaped diamonds because of its versatility.
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  • You’re G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S —  For a ring shape that’s fit for royalty, choose an emerald cut diamond. It’s a timeless cut with a shallow depth which gives off the appearance of the large diamond, even if it’s a smaller carat weight.
  • You’re Bold and Idealistic — The heart shaped diamond is not one for the faint of heart, but it’s the cut you should go for if you want a seriously unique fancy-shaped ring. Just keep in mind that because of all of the angles on this diamond, you’ll need to take extra care and be mindful with how you handle this ring to not accidentally damage it.
  • You Believe Trends Are Cyclical — If there’s anything that Gen Z’s revival of Y2K fashion taught us, it’s that maybe our fashion wasn’t so bad after all and that fashion and style are cyclical. The marquise cut, AKA the football shaped diamond, was very popular in the ’80s. We’ve seen a serious resurgence of this trendy diamond cut.
  • You’re Simple and Classic — You don’t want all the bells and whistles. You just want a beautiful ring that’s easy to care for and meant to last for ages. The round cut diamond is a simple classic that’s always timeless and never goes out of style.

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Which Cut Is Right for You?

Just like your personality and style are unique, you want a ring that’s as special as you are. You may be surprised at how your taste changes after you start browsing around and seeing what rings work best for you. If you are looking for memorable wedding bands and engagement rings that are sure to shine, you’ll want our alternative wedding rings.

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Which Cut ISN’T Right for You?

You can’t really go wrong with engagement rings, as each ring has a certain beauty and allure to it, but you can feel like a ring just doesn’t match you. To pick the best ring for you, you’ll want one that feels comfortable. If you like what’s popular and trending and will want that ring to capture the moment you and your partner were engaged, do that. If you want a ring that’s classic and will retain its style decade after decade, go for that. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” cut so much as what’s the best fit for you.

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