7 Different Diamond Shapes for a Unique Ring

You’ve heard all these different diamond shapes and setting terms thrown around. You may still be unsure about the difference between a round cut diamond versus a princess cut diamond. If you’re not sure which kind of ring is right for you, we’ll dive into seven different popular types of diamond shapes to get your unique gold wedding rings or engagement ring.

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1. Round — The round cut diamond is a timeless option for engagement rings. It’s consistently been the most popular diamond shape for decades. It’s the most brilliant cut due to its symmetrical shape, which means if you’re looking for that extra shiny diamond ring, you’re going to want a round cut diamond. Typical settings for this ring are a side stone or solitaire setting.

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2. Princess — While princess cuts aren’t as popular as round cut diamonds, the princess cut diamond is still a fan favorite. This square-shaped diamond has the most brilliance of all the square-shaped diamonds. You’ll see anywhere from two to four chevron patterns on this diamond. This cut is also known as the square modified brilliant. You can get this stone in a rectangular princess cut, but the rectangular modified brilliant cut isn’t as popular or desirable as the square cut. You’ll typically see the princess cut diamond set in a solitaire or three-stone ring setting. Opt for a four-prong setting to offer extra protection for this ring so the corners won’t accidentally get damaged.

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3. Emerald — If you’re looking for a larger diamond that’s more affordable as you go up in size, the emerald cut diamond fits perfectly with most settings. They go well with solitaire, pavé and three-stone settings. The large surface table and deep clarity of the emerald cut diamond normally appear larger than other diamonds in the same carat weight. The emerald’s unique features include its rectangular, elongated shape, chiseled step cuts and linear facets.

4. Cushion — In the past decade, we’ve seen the cushion cut diamond grow in popularity. It’s a combination of the traditional, old mine facet pattern diamond cut and the round cut. This diamond usually has a rectangular or softer square shape with curved edges. It’s called the cushion cut because it looks like a pillow cushion. If you’re looking for a ring with a vintage look and feel, opt for a cushion cut diamond.

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5. Marquise — The trendy marquise diamond is known for its trademark football-shaped diamond cut. It has 56 facets on the diamond cut. The elongated shape of the marquise diamond makes it seem larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight, causing the fingers to look thinner as well. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a really unique ring.

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6. Heart — What better way to show your love than with a heart-shaped diamond ring? It’s shaped exactly as you expect it would — in the shape of a heart. While you won’t find them as common as round shaped diamonds, you can still find high-quality heart-shaped diamonds online. According to the Gemological Institute of America, you’ll want a diamond engagement ring that shields the point of a heart-shaped diamond because that part is most vulnerable to any damage.

7. Baguette — Speaking of diamonds that look like other things, there are baguette diamonds as well that look like, well, baguettes. Baguette-shaped diamonds can be great accent pieces, although their brilliance doesn’t compare to other brilliant cut diamonds. They’re an affordable alternative to the more popular emerald cut.

Now that you know about these seven different diamond shapes, you’ll be able to choose your wedding ring or engagement ring with confidence. Rosie Ray has a wide array of radical rings for the modern bride that you’ll love wearing forever.