What Is the Average Ring Size for Women? 

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, to say the least. Coordinating food, flowers, photographers, videographers and other vendors for the wedding reception. Scheduling flights and hotels for the honeymoon. It’s enough to make a couple forget the important things like enjoying the moment. Oh, and purchasing the wedding bands that will signify your love, of course! Afterall, the wedding is for that - for YOU!

However, whether you’re on the hunt with your honey for a gorgeous, sparkling engagement ring or are shopping for wedding bands before the big day, you’ll need to actually find your ring size first. Luckily, Rosie Ray offers the convenience of buying women’s wedding rings online. And when it comes to finding your ring size, we make that pretty easy, too. 

In this guide, we talk about the average ring size for women and offer a super-convenient, stress-free way to measure your own ring size at home. This way, you have more time to plan your perfect wedding and spend time with your love doing all the fun stuff. 

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The Average Ring Size for Women

Let’s talk about average ring sizes. In the U.S., ring sizes are typically  found in half increments, but can go as customized as quarter sizes - ranging from size 3 up to size 14. Keep in mind that this is for both men’s and women’s ring sizes. For women, the rings fall on the smaller end of the spectrum, from sizes 3 to 9, and men being between sizes 7 to 14.

So what is the average ring size for women then? That would be a size 6. Still, all women’s bodies are unique, so it’s important to know that a size 6 might not be the right fit for you. Don’t assume that a size 6 wedding ring or engagement ring will fit. Take exact measurements to find out your personal, unique, individual ring size. If you’ve done any shopping in the mall, most jewelers carry a sample size 7 in their cases.

Common Ring-Sizing Methods (and Their Disadvantages)

So how can you determine your ring size? Well, there are several methods out there that can help you find your ring size. However, they’re not always the most convenient or accurate, which is worse. When you purchase an engagement ring, wedding band or any other type of ring online, you want to be confident you’re choosing the appropriate size. This way, your ring will be comfortable and secure.

Let’s explore some of the common ring-sizing methods and why you should think twice about using them to find the perfect fit.

The Paper or String Method

Okay, if you’re not familiar with this method, let’s explain. Essentially, what you do is use a piece of string or paper to wrap around your finger’s base. You mark the string or paper with a pen and line it up along a ruler to find the millimeters. While this method can be used in a pinch for something like costume jewelry, you don’t want to do this for an engagement ring or wedding band you plan on wearing forever. 

Whatever you use string, paper, floss, etc. it can stretch, bend and just generally give you an inaccurate reading. Furthermore, women with wider knuckles should avoid using this sizing method. If you measure your finger’s base and can’t see how it slips over your knuckle, then you may order too small of a ring size. And for engagement rings, getting your size is especially important because you want your center stone to sit up perfectly so you definitely want to nail your size so it’s not constantly sliding behind your finger.

The Jeweler

A jeweler can always take measurements to determine your ring size. However, keep in mind that your measurements can fluctuate throughout the day. If you just ate a meal, had mimosas for brunch or the temperatures are extreme (like it’s freezing outside), your finger can expand and shrink. So scheduling the time to swing by a jewelry store only to have a single measurement taken is not entirely ideal. In truth, to find your accurate ring size, you should take measurements multiple times throughout the day.  

Find the Perfect Fit with Rosie Ray’s Ring Sizer

As you now know, while there are several ways to find your ring size, they’re not all created equal. If you want to know your true ring size and not play the guessing game and hope for the best there’s one really convenient, at-home solution: the Rosie Ray Ring Sizer!

Get the Rosie Ray Ring Sizer for a Perfect Fit

The Rosie Ray Ring Sizer is much more accurate than the previously mentioned ring-sizing methods. With a flat, compact design, it comes in the mail, where you can take your measurements night or day for as long as you need to determine your ring size.  We recommend wearing your chosen size around all day so you can feel it out and make sure it’s the perfect choice. Only then can you make sure your wedding ring fits like a glove. 

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Tips for Using the Flat Ring Sizer

Remember: You want your ring to fit comfortably, but snug. Don’t chance it flying off in cool weather or when your hands are wet or recently moisturized.

Consider the size of your knuckles. It may be that the base of your finger is much smaller than your knuckle. If you have large knuckles, play around with the Rosie Ray Ring Sizer. Choose the smallest size that fits over your knuckle. (You should have to twist a little to get it off.)

Put a Wedding Ring on That Finger, Already

Discover your dream wedding ring and then be certain you’ve ordered the right size with our Rosie Ray Ring Sizer.